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Updated: 2019-04-19

General information about the program

Water is the key element of any living being on the Earth. Human body consist 60% of water in average. It’s very important to keep this level and drink about 100 oz. per one day. Waterbalance is the unique app for Andoid and iOS devices, which focuses on water level of our bodies. The program allows you to calculate right amount of drinking water. It could be very helpful, especially when you are going to keep your body in health or for gym trainings in long-term period.

At first, you should set up your individual parameters: age, weight, height and others. Then you’ll go to day schedule screen. You should mark the training day there. Then we’ll go to main screen. The app will fill human silhouette with water, which you’ll drink till the end of the day. You can add different items, as cup of tea, coffee, juice, soda or another from the list. There is also achievement system, as in video games. You’ll get awards for completing of different tasks. Of course, they aren’t real trophies. Just icons in the app. Don’t forget to add information about drank water.

It’s not a medic app. So, you should consult doctor before using it. There are many questions about sugar consistency in our drinks. But developers are trying to improve it that all characteristics will be considered.

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