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YouTube is official app of popular video hosting service for iPhone and iPad devices. If you like to watch interesting or funny video clips, then this program will help to do it on mobile platform. The app has the same functional as original service. So, you can watch your videos and subscribe to favorite channels; change accounts, make playlists, use search, comment clips, hit “like” button and do others things. You can also get access to your history of views.

There is picture-in-picture mode among new features. It allows you to play video in a small window (not full screen), which will place in the lower right corner of your workspace. It’s very convenient for parallel browsing or chatting in any messenger. There is integration with social networks. You can easily share videos with friends. The app supports voice commands. You can navigate the program via microphone.

Google developer’s team always tries to bring more new things to make easy and comfortable the viewing process. There will be new functions and new useful things in updates. This app is a good solution for those who get used to YouTube interface.

Key features and functions

  • Choose a quality of video.
  • Watch streams on YouTube.
  • Different options as in standard web service.
  • Convenient interface divided up into three parts.
  • Search by tag, keyword, category or title.
  • Get tools to work with your video channel.
  • Watch clips while you are surfing web sites via picture-in-picture mode.
  • Adapted for smartphones and tablets.

What's new?

11.47.1 (28.12.2016)
  • Fixed crashes and update issues.
  • Enhanced support for Right to Left languages.
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Updated: 24.09.2022
Version: 17.37.3
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