«Service clients»

Every day many people are purchasing various items, games, and digital products in different web services. Some of them provide additional options and extended support. To use all features of the service, you have to download a branded utility or client. Usually, this kind of a program has everything you need for comfortable service usage. For example, Steam client gives you an opportunity to download purchased games anytime you want, collect special cards, trade gaming items, track discounts, read the news, and discuss certain moments and issues with other users. That’s quite enough for most gamers.

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Discord 0.0.309
The popular instant messaging application that supports voice chat, video conferences, and community servers.
Zoom 5.6.1
The most popular video-conferencing application that provides access to cloud platform for chat, webinars, video and audio calls.
Popular client for purchasing and downloading games published by Electronic Arts.
Ubisoft Connect (uPlay)
The popular gaming platform made by Ubisoft. It allows you to purchase and play various games.
Steam 1616532526
The client of the popular game market that provides vast opportunities for players and game developers.
GOG Galaxy
It is the official GOG client for downloading and purchasing computer games.