«System information»

Sometimes you have to check your computer preferences including CPU / GPU temperature, fan speed, BIOS type, vendor, clock options, and others. For this purpose, there are different system utilities that allow you view info about your hardware, run stress tests, create reports with logs, and monitor various parameters in real-time.

The section includes plenty of system information utilities. The most of them are absolutely free and can be run out as standalone applications. If you need to know the details about your PC, processor, video card, coolers, and other components, then you should pay attention to the utilities below.

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Speccy 1.32.774
A convenient handy tool that allows you to view information about your system devices and check a temperature.
HWMonitor 1.33
A small handy tool that helps you to monitor a temperature of CPU, video card, fans, and other system devices.
Everest Home Edition 2.20
A comprehensive functional utility that allows you to monitor your PC hardware devices.
Unknown Device Identifier 9.01
A small utility that can help you to view details about system devices.
GPU-Z 2.5.0
A compact monitoring utility that will help you to control a video card temperature.
DriverPack Solution 17.11.62
This utility includes a collection of drivers that are compatible with many devices.
SpeedFan 4.52
The comprehensive utility that allows you to control a fan speed and view temperatures, voltages, and other parameters.