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Version History and program changes

4.11 Build 1841 (21.11.2016)
  • Fixed an issue with the "add entire folder if one file is sent" option.
  • Now you can select few collapsed groups using your keyboard.
  • Fixed Music Library issues.
  • Fixed an API error occurred when calculating the hash code for certain images.
4.10 Build 1827 (21.08.2016)
  • Updated 3rd party libraries.
  • Blank spaces will be removed automatically when saving.
  • Use Num*key to invert selection in the table.
  • Crash bug fixes.
  • Fixed plugin issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.
4.02 Build 1725 (10.07.2016)
  • You can import playlists in WPL format.
  • Compatibility with plugins was improved.
  • Improved Music Library performance.
  • An image file format won't change at resizing album art in Tage Editor.
  • Minor bug fixes.
3.60 Build 1503 (21.11.2015)
  • Fixed playlist bugs.
  • Fixed API bugs.
  • Fixed plugin bug.
  • Small bugs fixed.
3.60 Build 1495 (18.06.2015)
  • Added support for multi-threaded decoding.
  • Added support for SACD images with ISO extension.
  • Added autodeleting of APEv2 tag when the user saves changes in MP3 file.
  • Fixed bug with meta-data.
  • Fixed playlist redrawing.
  • Fixed bug with Tag editor when the user could play tracks in TAK, OFR and OFS.
  • Fixed double scrobbling for plugin.
  • Update Checke now works correctly.
  • Fixed various bugs.
AIMP v3.60 Build 1460 RC 4 (27.12.2014)
  • Sound engine was fixed.
  • Error of multiple selection in empty table was fixed.
  • Player don't crash anymore after quitting in Windows XP.
  • Fixed opening of record library plugin.
  • Several fixes.