Version History and program changes

4.0.12 (20.11.2016)
  • Added Rounded Rectangle’s corner size.
  • Overscroll can now be disabled from within Settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the Zoom tool.
  • Fixed crashes occurred when the editor has been launched on PCs with 1 CPU core, or virtual machines configured for only 1 CPU.
  • Rounded Rectangle rendering displays correctly for values of "Corner size".
  • Auto scroll will no longer engage overscroll.
  • Fixed some more high-DPI issues.
  • Fixed a bug with Plugin Errors.
4.0.9 (25.01.2016)
  • Fixed bug with selection tools.
  • Line/Curve tool now is working properly.
  • Fixed bug with Thumbnails for .PDN files.
  • Now the Finish button in the toolbar updates its enable/disable state.