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Version for Windows.

Version History and program changes

5.40 (20.08.2016)
  • You can select encoding for archived file names via "Name encoding" submenu.
  • You can test .rev files with/without checking .rar volumes.
  • WinRAR can remove dots and trailing spaces from file names when extracting (the option is turned off by default).
  • Use Shift+Del to delete folders containing non-standard file names with trailing spaces and dots.
  • Folders can be dragged from folder tree panel and dropped to other programs.
  • Maximum comment length for RAR archives is increased from 64 to 256 KB.
  • "New folder" button in extraction dialog proposes a new folder name based on archive name instead of generic "New Folder".
  • Various improvements in 7z acrchives support.
  • Various bug fixes.
5.31 (15.02.2016)
  • Optimized columns width in WinRAR file list.
  • Fixed a font size issue.
  • Interface improvements, as proper text alignment and correct buttons translations.
  • Fixed problem with running LNK Files.
  • Fixed DLL libraries loading issue.
5.30 (23.12.2015)
  • Added extraction of multi-part ZIP archives.
  • Now you can extract multiple parts of archives with 00.1, 00.2, ..., extensions.
  • Use mouse Back and Forward buttons or Alt+Left and Alt+Right keyboard shortcuts for navigation.
  • You can pause SFX extraction and resume it later.
  • Use "Skip encrypted" option to skip encrypted archives while searching.
  • Archive test command works for TAR.BZ, TAR.GZ and TAR.XZ archives.
  • Use console "I" and "V" commands to display file time in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • '*' symbol is allowed in RAR command line.
  • Now you can add new string to WinRar diagnostic message window quickly. And it won't cause any errors.
  • Various bug fixes.
5.21 (17.06.2015)
  • UAC promt is not needed anymore.
  • Files' overwrite function could be used for other archive formats.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect time displaying during convertation.
  • If you don't want to skip symbolic links with absolute paths in link target when extracting, you should enable "Allow absolute paths in symbolic links" option.
  • Now volume size equals to specified by user.
  • WinRar.ini file will be copied to main program folder, if you will put ini and installation files in the same folder.
5.10 (21.06.2014)
  • You can now extract 7z split archives
  • Extract ZIP and ZIPX archives via PPMd, LZMA and BZIP2 compression
  • Improved default theme images
  • Added support for AES-NI CPU instructions
  • You can add environmental variables in "Files to add"
  • Switch –ai works when creating archives