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There are a variety of versatile tools that allow you to make WiFi hotspots within minutes. They don’t require additional utilities and software packages. Besides, these programs let you to check a level of the connection and power of your network signal. There are also WiFi scanners, traffic analyzers, and utilities that can secure the current connection. In addition, you will face the tools that allow you to search network access points nearby.

Many WiFi utilities have the same program algorithm. You can easily create your own hotspot using these tools. When you launch the software for making access points, you will be asked to set network’s name and password. That is quite simple and doesn’t require additional applications or skills. When you create a new hotspot, you can share the network with the customized settings that you applied. Also, you are able some of the utilities as your virtual router to create a wireless network at home, office, or another place.

If you want to get a simple and functional WiFi utility, you should try MyPublicWiFi. It is easy-in-use and allows you to transform your PC into hotspot within seconds. As the alternative software, you should pay your attention to Connectify Hotspot, which is the paid program. However, you are able to use main features of this app, as creating and searching WiFI access points. As for network scanning features, you should try WeFi that is completely suitable for these tasks.

Software from Collection:

MyPublicWiFi 22.2
A small utility that allows you to make a virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot.
Virtual Router 1.0
A small, handy utility that allows you to make Wi-Fi hotspots with ease.
A lightweight application that allows you to make Wi-Fi hotspots instantly.
A compact utility that allows you to scan and open Wi-Fi hotspots with ease.
Connectify Hotspot 2017.4.5.38776
This comprehensive utility will help you to turn your computer or laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot.
Free WiFi Detector 1.0
A small utility that allows you to scan your wireless network.
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