Best scanner software for Windows


There are a lot of programs that can offer scanning and OCR functions. Unfortunately, the most of them are not able to edit files. However, these utilities provide reliable instruments for specific needs. Also, they have support for a wide variety of scanner drivers that will be installed automatically when you launch the utility. Plus, these programs have multilanguage support for OCR. There are simple freeware tools and professional programs with advanced features in total.

Some of these programs include an image editor. It allows you to retouch an output picture, change contrast and brightness level. Also, some utilities provide extra options, as creating PDF documents, printing and file exporting. As for OCR programs, the most of them are paid. However, they have trial versions with restrictions. Also, there are free solutions that have functional limitation. They can be used for text recognition but you should know that free OCR utilities don’t provide editors and other advanced options.

If you are looking for a powerful scanner and OCR utility, then you should try ABBY FineReader that is suitable for office and home users. This is the paid software with a comprehensive functionality. If you want to get a qualitative scanning program that is distributed for free, then you have to pay your attention to CuneiForm. It is the old utility that can recognize text documents and save them as Word files.

Software from Collection:

VueScan 9.7.35
A fast and efficient utility that can help you to scan documents and photos.
WinScan2PDF 6.06
The compact utility that can help you to create PDF files and scan documents.
Readiris Pro 16.0.2 Build 10391
The powerful utility that can recognize text files and scan documents.
ABBYY FineReader
A powerful utility that can help you to scan documents and recognize text files.
A compact program that can help you to convert OCR documents.
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