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Sometimes you need to morph your own voice and use it in ads or YouTube video clips. This task can be solved by voice changing utilities. These programs provide a variety of audio filters that can help you to create an absolutely new voice. They include male, female, alien, child, cartoon, robot, monster, and other types of audio presets. Also, programs allow you to create custom filters. Besides, you can apply various background effects to enhance your performance. For example, it can be wind, echo, water, fire, rain, whisper, musical instruments, and other sounds. You are able to mix voice and background filters as you want.

The most programs that you see have a simple and easy-in-use interface. They automatically detect the connected sound devices on your computer. Plus, you can easily learn how to use all options and buttons of the utilities by yourself. Just experiment with settings, read help information and watch video tutorials.

Each utility has a unique set of voice effects. Despite all of them have similar names, they can vary by sound. Also, some of them can be applied only in instant messengers as Skype. And others integrate with online games and Windows applications. For example, MorphVOX Pro allows you to modify voice in Raidcall, Team Speak, and other messengers that support voice chat. Besides, many utilities, which are represented in this collection, have a recording function. It means that you can record conversations with your modified voice.

Software from Collection:

Clownfish for Skype 4.52
A small utility that can automatically change your voice in Skype chats.
MorphVOX Pro
The popular audio tool that can help you to change your voice in apps and games.
Voxal Voice Changer 2.00
A powerful tool that allows you to change your voice in online video games and applications.
MorphVOX Junior 2.9.0
A versatile voice changer program that can modify your voice in instant messengers.
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition 9.5.12
The powerful utility that allows you to morph voice, make recordings, mix and cut tracks using the inbuilt sound editor.
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