How to open 7z files


7z is a world-known format that supports different algorithms of data compression and decompression. It was based on LZMA extension that provides a high level of security and encryption option. 7z was developed by Igor Pavlov. He also was the creator of popular free archiver, 7-Zip. Originally 7z was implemented in 7-Zip. The format has support for Unicode and large files. The specification of 7z goes with the open-source code of 7-Zip.

Nowadays there is a variety of utilities that support 7z extension. Many of them have a lot of additional options aside standard functions, as extracting and creating archives. There are also small programs, which is aimed at decompression. Usually, they have a simple interface without extra functions. Some 7z archivers are aimed at fast performance. They can extract or create archives faster than complex utilities.

Archivers can’t be considered as luxury programs. They simplify many file operations and allow you to send many files. If you want to install a universal utility with powerful functionality, we recommend you to download WinRAR. 7-Zip is really good archiver for those people, who appreciate performance and speed rates.

Software from Collection:

WinRAR 5.21
WinRAR 6.02
A good solution for making and opening different types of archives.
7-Zip 19.00
A powerful solution which is aimed to compressive and extracting operations.1
WinZip 26.0
The universal archivator that supports a lot of popular extensions.
PeaZip 8.2.0
A powerful archiver that has a lot of useful functions.
IZArc 4.2
The universal tool for data extraction, archive format converting and creating of multi-volume sets.
J7Z 1.3.0-1
A simple utility that offers decompression and compression.
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