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RAW is a file format that contains uncompressed photos taken from a camera. The weight of such files can surpass any other type of images. Many professional photographers prefer RAW because this format provides higher quality pictures if we compare it with another image type. It records more data information and allows you to correct an exposure and color balance of your photos.

RAW converters usually can be as standalone applications, which work only with this format, as graphics editing tools which provide additional functionality. For example, you can edit a photo, retouch it or apply visual effects. You should also know that there are a lot of proprietary file types which are related to RAW, as SRW (Samsung), ERF (Epson), DNG (Adobe), ARW (Sony), and others. That is possible because there is no common standard for this file type. Every digital camera manufacturer offers its own RAW format. There are issues when you can't edit your photo using an old utility.

Many standard graphics editors haven’t RAW support. Even popular image viewers can’t work with this format. We recommend you to use a program from this collection if you want to convert RAW into another file type. One of the most popular converters is Camera Raw. It’s the inbuilt plugin for Adobe Photoshop that is very popular among professionals and amateurs.

Software from Collection:

IrfanView 4.58
The utility can view RAW images.
PhotoScape 3.7
It allows you to convert RAW into JPEG.
RAWTherapee 5.8
The powerful free RAW converter.
XnView Extended 2.48
The program can view RAW pictures.
Adobe Photoshop 2021 22.4.3
Photoshop has Camera Raw plugin that allows you to work with RAW files.
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