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In nowadays Internet is more than a method of communication or largest information storage. It became unique environment with multiple spheres of business activity. That’s why web browsers got special status as ‘software for everything’.

More than 15 years have passed by before browsers evolved into useful instrument that solves all important online issues. We use it to book tickets, buy goods and services. Of course, browser will remain as web surfing tool. But developers are always trying to implement new useful features. And some of them can save our time. That’s already a big achievement.

Google Chrome is the most stable application among other browsers. Many web developers regard Chromium engine as reliable mechanism. Some authors use it as browser constructor to build new application with Chrome functionality. Mozilla Firefox is other popular web software. It has more options that Chrome. But it hasn’t stable performance as previous one. Also, it’s not as fast as we want. Firefox takes a huge amount of memory. So, it can be tough to use it on weak PC. Opera is the oldest browser with a long changelog history. It was the pioneer in tab revolution. Nowadays all browsers have this feature. If we say about ‘old men’, then we should mention Internet Explorer. Many people don’t like it, because IE has many troubleshooting and unresolved bugs. But it doesn’t effect on its popularity. Microsoft is trying to improve stability of IE from one version to another. Chrome, Firefox and IE are TOP 3 browsers in a world. You can pick any of them as your main tool for web browsing.

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