Free WiFi scanners


Wi-Fi scanners give you basic information about all aspects of your wireless network. These utilities will help you to view SSID, MAC address, encryption type, signal strength, quality, average speed, and other values. Some of these scanners can be used for data analysis and wireless access point searching.

Many Wi-Fi scanners have color graphs and visual options. They help users to represent a lot of parameters in a handy form. It’s pretty convenient when you see all data on graphs. Besides, some of these utilities have exporting function which is very useful for system administrators.

These programs require wireless card adapter and corresponding driver set. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to use them properly. And some of them won’t be launched if you haven’t wireless devices in your system. There are scanners that can be launched without installation. They work as portable programs for PC and notebooks.

These utilities are not comprehensive combine tools. They belong to freeware soft. And some of them have additional functionality. But the most provide only scanning and viewing options. If you need to know the basic information and display it on color graphs, then these programs will help you to do such things.

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