Free photo editing software for Windows

This list includes the most wanted and useful utilities that can be used for photo editing. If you like to make photos, you should know that there are unwanted details on pictures. You can remove them using photo editors. However, the paid software could be very expensive for these needs. And we recommend you to use free photo editors that you can always find on our website.

These editors can enhance your photos and images and remove redundant elements. Almost all of them have the reduction of red-eye effect. This one is the most common issue of home photos. And you don’t need to be a professional designer to reduce red-eye effect, create an old stylish picture or make a beautiful frame. Free photo editors will help you to do it. Many of them have a simple and user-friendly interface. There are no difficult things and complicated options as in Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw. Of course, these programs are not so good for editing large projects. However, if we talk about home usage, you won’t face any problem with the functionality of these utilities.

Many free photo editors provide retouching option, resizing and visual effects. You can apply a new look to your photo using capabilities of these programs. We recommend you to pay attention to Pixia and PhotoScape. They are simple and powerful image editors.

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