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Nowadays there are a lot of free antiviruses. Some people think that “free” means low quality of protection. But it isn’t true at all. Many companies release several versions of the product. There are antiviruses for home and for an enterprise. And all of them have the same signature base. That means that the guard level of home antivirus and a commercial version is at the same level.

So, what’s the difference between free and trial-licensed guards? Of course, every digital product has its own offers. But usually, a commercial antivirus has additional options that offer an antispam filter, email security, advanced scanner, anti-theft system, anti-spyware toolset and other things. Generally, paid antiviruses provide an extra level of protection and integration with cloud services.

If we talk about scanning and threat detection, then statistics shows that free antiviruses equal to commercial ones. However, results between antivirus brands can differ. For example, many users have problems with Windows Defender, which is built in Windows 10. So, if you not sure what kind of free antivirus do you need, we recommend you to pay attention to Avast, AVG and Panda. Many antivirus labs estimate them as best digital guards.

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Avast Free Antivirus 19.6.2383
Free reliable software which includes antivirus scanner, spyware and malware detector and additional options.
Panda Free Antivirus 18.0
This antivirus doesn't depend on signature updating. It is always connecting to a huge database.
Avira Free Antivirus 15.0.2001.1698
A reliable antivirus that provides system protection against malware, rootkits and other threats.
COMODO Antivirus
The free antivirus that provides real-time protection and variety of additional tools.
BitDefender Free Edition
A reliable antivirus that provides comprehensive protection against all kinds of threats.
COMODO Internet Security Premium
A powerful suite that helps you to protect the system against spyware, worms, malware and viruses.
Kingsoft Antivirus 2010.07.08.909
Free cloud antivirus that has several tools for system optimization.
Kaspersky Free Antivirus build 13719
An efficient antivirus scanner that will help you to remove dangerous threats on your PC and prevent infection.
Immunet Protect
An advanced free antivirus with cloud support and community-based security.
Baidu Antivirus
A simple free antivirus that provides cloud security, web monitor, and convenient add-on cleaner.
360 Total Security
A comprehensive antivirus with a plenty of anti-ransomware tools.
Adaware Free Antivirus 12.2.889.11556
A handy free antivirus that provides high-speed scanner, real-time protection, and automatic updates.
Sophos Home Free 1.2.11
A powerful antivirus software with a strong real-time and web protection.
Amiti Antivirus 24.0.640.0
A quick lightweight antivirus tool that can help you to detect malicious threats and secure your system.
AVG AntiVirus Free 19.8.4793
A strong antivirus that has a lot of additional functions.
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