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There are a lot of paid video editors. However, they have too many professional tools. Besides, they require lots of system resources and knowledge of editing instruments. Many users are looking for simple and free solutions which can resolve their problems. You don’t need Adobe Premiere to cut several frames or add subtitles. These tasks are feasible for utilities that you can see in the list below. Many free video editors provide format converting, fragment appending and cutting, capturing from a webcam, transitions, visual and audio effects.

Some programs have awesome functions. For example, VirtualDub allows you to edit and save your video without losing quality. It’s possible by Direct Stream Copy. You can delete video scenes and save it. It doesn’t require too much time as it could be during standard rendering.

Some video editors have almost the same functionality as the paid ones. There are also user-friendly utilities with an intuitive interface. They are very easy in use. And you don’t need to learn options and buttons to edit a video clip.

Of course, there are some unusual things, as AviSynth. It can be complicated for beginners and those who don’t know a script language or programming. However, this utility provides a variety of options that many editors haven’t.

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