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Avidemux 2.7.8 (x64) + 2.7.6 (x86)

Version for Windows.
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Systems: Windows
Windows Vista
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License (Free)
Updated: 2021-10-06

General information about the program

Avidemux is a free open-source video editor that you can download for free. It’s the cross-platform project. Originally the editor was developed for Linux. But now it has Windows and Mac OS versions. The program allows video editing, subtitle adding, a format converting, and filter applying. The utility also includes new video codecs and supports Avisynth integration. It means that the editor functionality can be extended by special plugins and scripts.

We recommend you to check all options during installation. Otherwise, you can’t open some files.

As VirtualDub, it has one window interface where you can edit a single video. There is no additional timelines and project manager. But it’s simple and easy in use. Besides, the program offers convenient and powerful filter manager.

If you want to add video fragment, you should open File tab and use Append option. If you need to select a video fragment on the timeline, just click on A button to make an opening point and then click on B to make an ending point. The selected fragment can be copied or deleted from the timeline. After editing, you can save or convert your video clip. The utility allows you to customize settings of encoders and decoders.

Of course, this utility is not suitable for professional editing. However, it’s a really good program for home video editing. It can be used as the alternative to VirtualDub. If you need a simple tool that supports video cutting, fragment appending and filters, then you should try this one.

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