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Version for Windows.
B1 Free Archiver
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Updated: 2018-02-17

General information about the program

B1 Free Archiver is an award-winner compact and efficient utility that helps you to compress folders and files with ease. The application uses a new innovative format that has the same name. It is available for commercial use and provides support for data protection with 256 bit AES algorithm. Moreover, it demonstrates better compression performance than LZMA-based archivers. As for other formats, the application can open RAR, ZIP, 7Z, TBZ, GZIP, and more. In total, it supports 40 archive formats.

When you launch B1 Free Archiver, you will face the introduction screen where you can view mini tutorial lessons and learn to use basic options of the app. The main interface will appear after you finish reading of tutorial. It looks like a file browser. There are several operational buttons on the top menu panel. They are using if you need to open, create, extract files, and view help information. The workspace is on the center of the screen. It is divided into the following categories: Name, Size, Modified, and Type. When you click on any file, you will see action buttons which are on the right side. There are usually ‘Launch’ and ‘Extract’ options. On the left column, you can view navigation folders. Use them to quickly find an appropriate file archive. If you want to change the interface language, you should open ‘File’ tab and choose ‘Settings’. Also, you will find extra options in ‘Commands’ tab.

B1 Free Archiver is a fast and secure program that allows you to compress files and extract archives instantly. It is completely free, supports a variety of popular formats, and doesn’t require registration. Besides, the app has a convenient file manager that can help you to easily navigate folders on your system. If you want to get a stable and multifunctional free archiver, then you should pay attention to this one.

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