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Blender 2.93.5 (x64) + 2.80 (x86)

Version for Windows.
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License (Free)
Updated: 2021-10-06

General information about the program

Blender is the comprehensive graphics tool that allows you to create 3D and 2D animation. Also, it has the advanced instruments for modeling, rendering, video editing, and compositing. Besides, the editor includes a variety of color effects and has layer supports. Everyone can easily sculpt 3D objects and use 3D painting with various brushes.

When you launch Blender, you will discover a huge customizable interface. It looks a bit complicated. However, you can always watch popular video tutorials to learn more about main features and buttons that you see on the main screen. The interface is divided into 5 parts. The main menu is on the top. On the left column, there is a panel that has the following tabs: Grease Pencil, Physic (Rigid Body Tools), Animation, Relations, Create New Group (Add Primitive) and Transform. All of them will help you to manipulate with objects on the workspace. On the right column, you can see a scene menu and View/Search panel. The viewport preview is in the center of the screen. On the bottom, there is the animation timeline.

Blender is the open source project. It means that you can use the utility and make 3D models for free. Also, the developer team offers the paid subscription for those who want to get extra features as integrated cloud service, sharing option, and more than 1500 new textures.

Blender is the versatile editor that is completely suitable for complex tasks. It allows you to make outstanding animation and create 3D objects. Many professional designers compare this software to a free version of 3DS Max, which is known as the best modeling editor. Also, you can see that many artists that work in cinema industry are trying to use this utility. If you are looking for a stable and powerful graphics suite that supports different types of animations and allows you to create 3D models, then, without doubt, you should try this one.

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