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Cain & Abel 4.9.56

Version for Windows.
Cain & Abel
5.0 (Votes: 1)
Systems: Windows
Windows XP
Size: 7.9 MB
Langs English
License (Free)
Updated: 2016-01-18

General information about the program

Cain and Abel is a small utility that provides password recovery operation for Windows systems. It works as a sniffer. Also, recovering mechanism requires cracking toolset. So, you shouldn’t worry if your antivirus declares this software as an unwanted or malicious program. The developer says that the utility doesn’t exploit any vulnerability. The author won’t support any illegal activity which can be done with his software. The program has cryptanalysis and sniffing options. Despite password recovery function, the utility offers Wi-Fi scanner mode, recording VoIP conversations, recovering wireless network keys.

When installation process will be done, you’ll be asked about installing of WinPcap driver. The software requires this component. Otherwise, you can’t launch this program without libraries that come with the driver. Also, you’ll face Windows firewall warning during the first launching session. If you want to use all features of the utility, you need to disable your firewall.

The program has the old-styled interface which has come from the end of the 90s. There are eight functional tabs. You can switch between them to use different utilities. If you want to monitor Wi-Fi network, you should open Wireless tab. You can see SSIDs, WEP, ARP requests, and other information there. If you want to save captured data, just export it to a text file.

Cain & Abel is one of the best programs for penetration testing. It can be used for Wi-Fi surveying. However, this software is more than a network stumbler. It’s a complex tool for security and network testing.

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