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Easy GIF Animator is a simple graphics editor that is completely suitable for making 2D animation and GIFs from imported pictures. It provides a huge library of visual effects and color instruments. There you will find hue, saturation, crop, grayscale, invert, shadow, horizontal/vertical flip, and rotating selection. Also, the software has a convenient text tool that adds sliding subtitles to frames. In addition, you can manipulate with frames with ease using the convenient timeline menu buttons.

When you launch the editor, you will face a handsome ribbon interface. The main screen is divided into several parts. On the top, you can view main tabs and buttons. They allow you to import files, insert frames, edit pictures, and use color effects. On the left column, there is the timeline and its menu. It allows you to switch frames and simplify work with animations. On the center of the screen, you can discover the preview and editor window. It displays the selected frame and gives you an opportunity to edit the imported picture directly from the application.

Despite Easy GIF Animator is the paid application, it has the trial version which can be launched for free with some limitations. For example, you will face a reminder window. Also, you won’t be able to start the trial up to 20 times in a row. If you have to remove these restrictions, you should purchase the full version of the app.

Easy GIF Animator is one of the best tools for creating GIF images quickly. It has a rich functionality and astonishing effects that will help you to make smooth and attractive animations. If you want to get a stable GIF maker software with lots of useful options, then you should try this graphics editor.

Key features and functions

  • Create and edit GIF pictures.
  • Compress and optimize your images before exporting.
  • Manipulate with the animation timer.
  • Convert video to GIF images.
  • Upload audio files.
  • Export your projects to AVI or SWF Flash files.
  • Add color and text effects.

Limitations of trial version

  • You can launch the trial version only 20 times.

Screenshots and Videos:

Size: 22.2 MB
License: Trial (Paid)
Updated: 02.12.2017
Version: 7.1
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