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Updated: 2016-11-21

General information about the program

Free Video Editor is a small tool that can be used for deleting of unwanted video segments. It’s easy in use and doesn’t require additional video codecs. After editing, a video quality will change. You can use a converting function if you want to save video as AVI, MKV or MP4 file. Also, the utility provides exporting presets for mobile devices.

The program has a user-friendly interface. There is only one preview window where you can see all applied changes during editing.

In some case, AVI files can be saved without sound. If you have faced this problem, then you have to install and use VirtualDub, which is more suitable for cutting of AVI files. To start working with the program, select File tab and choose Add file option. Then download your video for editing. After that, drag the wheel on the timeline and push on Scissors button (M hotkey) to make a starting point. To make an ending point, you need also push on this button. If you need to change a language, just select Options tab, which is on the top menu, and choose Language option.

If you don’t need a comprehensive video editor that provides all editing operations, then Free Video Editor can be a good choice for video cutting. Despite it has converting and exporting options, this software is not a universal tool for video editing. It can be used only as the video fragment cutter. However, it shows fast performance. And many users choose this editor because it’s very easy and absolutely free.

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