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Free WiFi Detector is a comprehensive Wi-Fi scanner. It’s a compact utility that can view information about your wireless network. That’s useful when you need to define a functioning capacity of your Wi-Fi channel. If you have a problem with a network channel, you’ll be able to reveal this issue and quickly remove it.

The program is easy in use. It has a simple interface. There are three functional elements on the main screen. The List of wireless adapters will show you active wireless devices which are connected to your PC, notebook or laptop. The Rescan button is on the right of the wireless adapter list. Despite the utility automatically scans your wireless environment, you can push this button to update an output result. The main table is below the Rescan button and wireless list. It has nine columns where you can view scanning results. This table provides information about the network SSID, the power of Wi-Fi channel, security, authentication, BSS type, RSSI, the used cipher, connectivity, and MAC addresses (BSSID).

You should know that program won’t display any data information if you haven’t a wireless adapter and the appropriate driver for your network device. There will be only the blank screen. Also, the utility requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. Otherwise, the Wi-Fi scanner won’t launch on your system if you haven’t this component.

To sum up, it’s a simple Wi-Fi scanning utility that runs as a portable program. If you need to scan your wireless network quickly, we recommend you to use this software.

Key features and functions

  • The software doesn't require the installation.
  • It displays information about your wireless driver.
  • View information about SSID, RSSI, a signal's strength, a cipher, MAC address, and other parameters.
  • An auto-scanning mode is enabled.

Special requirements

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License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 09.03.2016
Version: 1.0
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