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Immunet Protect is a fast, cloud-based antivirus that uses a unique mechanism of community security. It means that the software comes into contact with a threat on your family member’s computer and defeat the rest of community immediately. That helps any user of the product to keep its system in safe. Another exciting feature of the application is antivirus compatibility. It gives an opportunity for running several protective utilities at the same time. It is known that antiviruses have a weakness related to mutual compatibility. However, the software resolves this issue and allows you to run other antivirus modules without system crashes and other problems.

When you launch Immunet Protect, you will discover a simple start screen that looks like an outdated Windows application. There are several options and indicators. The last ones show you how many resources consume this antivirus. If you want to start scanning, you should click on ‘Scan now’ and choose a type of scan mode. There is flash, custom, and full scanning. Output results will be displayed on a separate screen named ‘History’. If you need to set up protection preferences, add file exclusions, enable custom options, or something else, you should use ‘Settings’ button.

Immunet Protect is an amazing protection utility with an advanced functionality. Besides, it is completely free and has no any commercial banners. If you are looking for a reliable antivirus that runs with other antiviruses and provides real-time protection, quick file scanning mode, web analysis, and enhanced community-based anti-threat module, then you should try this application.

Key features and functions

  • High-speed performance.
  • Cloud system support.
  • Real-time protection.
  • Community-driven antivirus.
  • Low resource consumption.
  • The application is compatible with other antiviruses.

Special requirements

  • 1 GHz CPU (2 GHz is recommended).
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • 150 MB of available disk space.
Size: 1.07 MB (web-installer)
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 15.02.2018
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