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Media Player Classic – Home Cinema is the functional and convenient video player. It hasn’t advanced features which are available in other players. But it’s very simple and easy in use for all users who don’t need a super powerful media combine. It can be useful for playback of large video files.

The application has support for many popular formats. You can launch almost everything that you want. Of course, you don’t need to set up configuration. But we recommend you to install K-Lite Media Pack. It can resolve a wide range of issues with video codec support.

The interface has 6 main tabs: File, View, Play, Navigate, Favorites and Help. Use File tap for opening a video or audio file. View tap will help you to customize the interface and change the language, render and other settings. Play tap is used for rate operations (increasing, resetting, and decreasing) and adding an audio track, subtitles or video stream. Navigate allows you to switch between files in your playlist. You can also add to favorites any file you want. Plus, there is Remember position option. So, you can playback it from that moment that you have pointed later. In Favorites tap, there will be the special list. You can organize them

The program was created as the alternative to the Microsoft Windows Media Player. The project has open source code access. So, it’s absolutely free. The player was written in C++. And it has the support of 41 languages. To sum up is the lightweight and customizable player which supports all common video and audio file formats.

Key features and functions

  • The player doesn't take too many resources.
  • Support for popular formats as AVI, MP4, MP3, DVD, WAV, WMV, MOV, H.264, Xvid, and others.

Special requirements

  • SSE capable CPU.
  • Service Pack 3 for Windows XP.

What's new?

1.7.10 (22.11.2015)
  • New Internal Audio Renderer.
  • Improved mouse behavior and fixed volume control for Windows 10.
  • Various bugfixes.
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Size: 15.6 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 15.08.2021
Version: 1.9.15
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