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If you want to turn your PC into a WiFi Access Point, then MyPublicWiFi utility is what you need. This application allows you to track your web activity, including visited websites. There is built-in firewall that provides high-level security for your system. The firewall can be used for preventing the use of certain servers or websites. You can also use this program in a hotel room when you need to set up a temporary Access Point.

There are two ways how you can use this app. The first one is sharing your Internet connection via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G and DSL. The other way is using the program as repeater. The application uses WPA2 Encryption for additional security.

After installing and launching the app you will see a setting menu. Automatic Hotspot configuration will be set up as default one. Enter a network name and network key (a password) for your virtual wireless network. Enable Internet Sharing option must be on. Then push up Set up and Start hotspot button. In some cases, you have to turn off your system firewall. Otherwise there will be troubles with Hotspot creating.

You can view IP addresses, MAC addresses and device names of connected clients in Clients tab. The Management tab allows you to enable firewall, URL Log and automatic start of the utility. URL Logging option will help you to record all actions on your virtual Hotspot. It’s the tracking tool. If you want to change an interface language, choose Management tab and select your language.

Key features and functions

  • WPA2 Encryption support.
  • The internal firewall included.
  • URL-Logging tracking.
  • Internet sharing via Wi-Fi.

Screenshots and Videos:

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License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 11.04.2023
Version: 29.5
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