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Open Last Tab is a small browser extension with a helpful feature that switch between two recently opened tabs. There are cases where you have to check out documents and text files in your browser switching between tabs. Usually, it can be a registration page or billing form tab and document with data required as a source tab. When you're filling all forms you have to view the source and main tab. So, it's difficult to memorize long numbers and text symbols. However, you can always complete the process in a few steps. For this sake, just install the extension and try simple hotkey commands:

  • ALT + Q — quick switching between recently opened tabs.
  • ALT + S — switching one tab forward.
  • ALT + Shift + S — switching one tab back.

Furthermore, you can redefine them in the extension settings menu.

The standard methods require redundant actions as manual shifting between tabs or switching using hotkeys. The last one gives you an opportunity to switch back or forward via control key and nums on a keyboard. On one hand, you don't need to isntall other apps, on the other hand, it's a fiddly process that is not suitable for everyone. Especially, when you change the default browser to a new one and try to use old hotkeys, but they don't work.

Instead of the ordinary method, the extension offers a new experience that solve an issue and doesn't require to memorize key combination. It will be always stable in all Chromium based browsers as Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Vivaldi, and others.

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License: MIT (Free)
Updated: 09.03.2023
Version: 1.0
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  • a convenient way to switch between tabs;
  • a cross-browser compatibility;
  • there is no any trackers and tracking code;
  • small-weigh extension.
  • modest functionality with a narrow focus on switching feature.

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