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Picture Cutout Guide Lite 3.2.10

Version for Windows.
Picture Cutout Guide Lite
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Systems: Windows
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Size: 10 MB
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Updated: 2018-02-19

General information about the program

Picture Cutout Guide Lite is a small, lightweight graphics editing tool that allows you to manipulate with outlines and background image effects. This utility has everything you need to cut out objects on a picture and replace them with ease. It is the perfect tool for separating objects from a background and transferring them to another image.

When you launch Picture Cutout Gide Lite, you will discover a demonstration window. You can choose any script lesson from a list to view how to use the utility. It is a kind of tutorials which are inbuilt in the program. They will help you to quickly start using all features of the application.

The software has a clean user-friendly interface. The main window is divided into three sections. On the top, you can see menu tabs and various buttons which are using to view, zoom in/out, rotate, and flip imported pictures. On the center of the screen, there is the workspace. You can view source images and output results there. On the right column, there is a toolbar. That’s the main panel of the app. It has different instruments that will help you to add text, adjust colors, resize, smart patch, crop, separate, and paste pictures.

Despite the utility is absolutely free, it has some restrictions. For example, the Paste Object tool is not available in the free version of the app. If you want to unlock it, you should purchase the professional edition of the program.

Picture Cutout Guide Lite is an amazing graphics utility with simple functionality. Some users can say that the software hasn’t many popular features that other programs have. But it is not a complex graphics editor with lots of effects and functions. The utility solves problems related to replacing images on a background.

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