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Updated: 2021-09-09

General information about the program

Pixia is a modern graphics editing tool that works with raster images. It was made by Japanese programmer. Originally the editor was designed for manga and anime industry. The author has been focused on drawing tools. However, an active community helped this utility to become one of the best freeware graphics editors. The modern version of the program offers you lots of editing instruments and visual effects.

The interface seems very complicated at first glance. There are the main screen and four panes. The main screen has a lot of icons. It’s not obvious to recognize the meaning of each icon. But you can move the cursor on a button to view a hint. Filter tab will help you to apply visual effects. They divided into six categories: Effect, Noise, Standard, Toning, Transparent, and Utility. Every filter has its own settings. If you want to apply an effect to your picture, select it and push on Execute button. You can use internal and external effects to make interesting pictures or frames.

Supplementary Settings offers additional instruments divided into eight groups. You can view selection history and use color masks. View control tab will help you to change the scale of your photo. Besides, the editor provides the special selection tool that allows you to make compound figures via conjunction dots.

Many professional graphics editors cost a pretty penny. And there is no need to purchase paid software if you don’t use special features of such programs. Pixia is a good solution for those people who prefer to use qualitative editing tools. This program has unique features that other graphics editors haven’t. Besides, it doesn’t require too many resources. And the utility is absolutely free.

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