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RAWTherapee is a powerful photo editor that works with RAW format. It means that you can edit and convert your images taken from a digital camera. The utility provides cropping, straighten, rotation, resizing, flip (horizontally or vertically), noise removing, retouching, color balancing, frame applying, and collage options.

The software has a modern, stylish black interface. It seems like Adobe Photoshop. It’s not easy to learn all features of the editor. You need to know basic aspects of color correction if you want to use the program’s functionality.

Users navigate folders via a simple file browser. It’s on the left part of the main screen. You can switch between three tabs: Editor, Queue, and File Browser. The last one will be opened as default. Load your picture and double-click on it. In that case, the Editor tab will be opened. It allows you to view a bar chart of the loaded file. There you can find many useful options divided into next panels: Exposure, Detail, White Balance, Wavelet, Transform, Raw, and Metadata. Every section has its own sliders which can help you to retouch your photo. You can also find these options in File Browser tab. They are allocated in the Develop tab of the right column.

If you want to change the language, click on Preferences button which is on the bottom-left corner of the main screen. Also, settings menu allows you to customize the program’s interface.

The program can be a good alternative to Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Besides, it’s the open source and cross-platform project. So, you can use it free of charge.

Key features and functions

  • A lot of enhancing and editing tools.
  • Support for many brands and models of digital cameras.
  • 96-bit processing engine.
  • Multithreaded algorithms support.
  • A customizable interface.
  • More than 25 languages are available.

Special requirements

  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended).

Screenshots and Videos:

Size: 47.4 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 20.02.2020
Version: 5.8 + 4.2.936 for Windows XP
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