Razer Cortex is a comprehensive utility that can boost up game performance on your computer. It will optimize resources of your system to increase productivity and smoothness of launched games. It is completely integrated with anti-cheat software, as VAC, PunkBuster, and others. Also, it detects games that were purchased through Steam, Origin, and BattleNet services.

When you launch the program, you will discover a registry form. If you haven’t Razer account, you have to do it. After that, the start screen will appear. There are five tabs: Games, Deals, Gamecaster, Game Booster, and Rewards. Games / My Library tab shows all your installed games. It allows you to launch them directly from the screen and view dashboards. Also, you can add games that weren’t shown. Deals tab head you on the marketplace where you can purchase various games and digital items. There you will find links to the Blizzard store, Steam, and Amazon store. Also, you will face exclusive Razer deals and game discounts. Gamecaster is the inbuilt option that allows you to launch game broadcasts using popular platforms, as Twitch, Panda, YouTube, and Douyu. Game Booster is the main feature of the program. It is an optimizing function that boosts up your memory performance and tweaks your system configuration. Also, this tab includes defragging option and diagnostic report (My Rig). Reward screen can be used for earning virtual currencies that are named zGold and zSilver. The last one allows you to purchase Razer gear.

Razer Cortex is a powerful tweaking tool that is suited for PC gamers who get accustomed to high performance. It provides a variety of options and allows you to increase game performance at some points.

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Size: 6.4 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 06.08.2021
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