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Version for Windows.
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Updated: 2017-10-30

General information about the program

Readiris Pro is the professional software that helps you to recognize text and scan files. It supports a variety of scanner models and provides a bunch of tools for scanning operations. For example, you can easily detect tables and handwritten text on the scanned pictures. Besides, the program will automatically detect your scanning device and install appropriate drivers. Also, the utility allows you to export scanned files in popular document formats (Word, Excel, PDF, and others) and edit them using the text corrector. Plus, the software has support for FTP and cloud services, as Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, Google Drive, and similar ones. It means that you can upload your scanned images directly using the program interface.

When you launch Readiris Pro, you will face the start screen with 6 tabs in the top menu: Home, Zones, Page, Cloud Setup, View, and Help. The Home tab is the main one. It allows you to import images and use your scanner as you want. Also, it includes some tools that can help you to correct your text and images. Other tabs provide instruments for specific needs, as text area editing, rotation, adjusting, page excluding/including, and others.

There are some restrictions in the trial version of the program. For example, you can’t process more than 100 pages in summary. If you want to unlock the page limit, you should purchase the commercial version.

Readiris Pro is the complex utility that can be used at office or home. It provides convenient instruments and supports all popular scanners. If you are looking for a reliable OCR program with a variety of advanced options, then you should pay your attention to this software.

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