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Simple Sticky Notes is a lightweight and fast utility that helps you to create important notes. It looks like real color paper reminders that store information about shopping list items or user daily schedule. It can be used to track your personal activity and organize business processes.

The program allows you to select a view. You can pick the standard yellow background, or change it to another color in the settings menu. Besides, you can download extra themes from the official web store. Use the context menu to format a text on a note. You can change a font, font-size, font color, highlight, and other text parameters. Plus, you are able to use lists, aligning, and line spacing. In the settings, there are such options as assign custom hot keys, add sounds for alarm, change a language, restore/make backups of your notes, change opacity, get new themes, enable live preview, and more. To create a new not, use right-click on the tray icon of the app and choose the appropriate item from the list (New Note or Alt + N). If you want to manage your notes, you should open Explorer. This option allows you to sort and delete all existing notes.

Simple Sticky Notes is a convenient, small program that provides a quick method of making simple reminders. It is absolutely free and has no ad banners or adware. The utility gained a plenty of awards. If you want to get a simple and clear note making an application that can adorn your workspace, then you should pay attention to this program.

Key features and functions

  • Customizable fonts, backgrounds, and themes.
  • A simple way to make bright and remarkable reminders.
  • Manage all your notes in one place.
  • Multi-language support.

What's new?

3.6 (13.12.2016)
  • Added the new taskbar menu.
  • SQLite Database Engine has been updated.
  • Added a new menu item – New Note from clipboard.
  • Performance improvements.
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License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 04.10.2017
Version: 3.6.1
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