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Speccy is an awesome small utility that will help you to display system information and monitor a temperature of your hardware. It shows all important parameters of your computer or laptop. Besides, you will be able to export the system report to XML or text file.

When you launch Speccy first time, you will discover the start screen colored in grey. It is divided into three parts. On the left column, you can see the following options: Summary, Operating System, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Storage, Optical Drives, Audio, Peripherals, and Network. According to its names, they are using for viewing the detailed information about your PC. CPU, Motherboard, Graphics, and Storage options provide an opportunity to monitor a temperature of your devices. System data is displayed in the center of the screen. On the top, you can see three tabs. ‘File’ button allows you to make snapshots, print, and save reports as text or XML files. The ‘View’ tab provides searching option and preferences where you can change the interface language. Also, it allows you to refresh data. ‘Help’ button heads you to online guides and upgrade feature.

Despite Speccy is completely free, it has some limitations. For example, the standard version hasn’t premium support and automatic updates feature. If you want to get extra functions, then you should purchase the Professional version of the application.

Speccy is one of the best hardware monitoring tools that you can get for free. It has a convenient interface and advanced functionality that allows you to control your devices. If you are looking for a suitable reliable monitor utility that will show what’s inside your computer, then you should pay your attention to this one.

Key features and functions

  • Check what's inside of your PC.
  • Create reports and export them to XML or TXT.
  • Monitor your hardware temperatures in real-time.

Screenshots and Videos:

Size: 8,6 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 21.07.2022
Version: 1.32.803
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