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Updated: 2018-02-17

General information about the program

TUGZip is a versatile, award-winning file archiver with lots of useful features and tools. It has 6 encryption algorithms that allow you to create secure archives. It is absolutely free and hasn’t any ad banners. You can use the application as a standalone archiver as a Windows shell integrated utility.

When you launch TUGZip, you will discover the Installation Wizard that can help you to define with an application view. You are able to use three types of a program interface. The Classic style displays only one active window. Whether the Explorer style looks like a standard file manager with three screens. As for the last one, it combines the previous styles and displays only two windows. You can change an interface theme but the top menu panel will be always the same. It has the following buttons: Create, Open, Edit/Open, Add, Extract, Delete, View, Open TUGZip Self-Extractor, Install the software in archives, Create shortcuts, Edit the archive comment, Check the integrity of the archive, and Information about. You can use these options when working with your archives and files. Also, some of them are available from the context menu via right-click on any file. Besides, the application includes functional tabs that will help you to switch to another style and set up preferences. For example, if you need to change the language or hidden files viewing, you have to choose ‘Options’ tab and click on ‘Configuration’. There you will see Appearance, Miscellaneous, and System section. Use them to customize the application interface.

TUGZip is a compact and powerful archiver. It has a variety of tool that will help you to create, extract, and repair your archives and disc-image files.

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