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Unity 3D is a powerful game engine. If you are dreaming about outstanding graphic in your mobile and browser projects, then this technology was made for you. You can create games of any genre via programming and designer instruments.

Main features of the engine – multiplatform and network support. Developers can make multiplayer games on mobile platforms (Android/iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS), PC or consoles with 2D/3D animation. You should know C# or JavaScript if you want to create own applications in Unity. Authors offer you all necessary software for working with Artificial Intelligence, physics, lighting, models, textures, optimization and audio files. It has support for Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, and other 3D graphics editors.

It’s a very good tool for novices and those who are only starting to learn game development aspects. But not only beginners prefer this engine. It has many options for professional game designers and programmers. Indie game designers appreciate flexibility and stability of Unity 3D. It’s not a raw instrument. You get access to every popular platform for free. And you can make a real digital product for market. You should just make effort to learn all functions and opportunities of this game engine.

Key features and functions

  • Create your own game world via powerful tools.
  • Use integrated motion technologies and render instruments.
  • Work with PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, PlayStation, Wii U, Xbox and web browsers.
  • Improve CPU and graphics cards’ performance via optimizing software.

Limitations of trial version

  • You can upgrade it to Pro-version.

Special requirements

  • To run free Unity 3D you need to register an account: just choose the second option (Activate the free version of Unity) after installing. Then create an account and sign in.

What's new?

5.5.0f3 (12.12.2016)
  • Removed support for Samsung TV 2013 and 2014.
  • Added Animation Window box tool that simplifies moving, scaling, and ripple editing.
  • You can display all profiler samples without filtering.
  • You can view call stacks of native memory allocations.
  • Added the new selection highlighting in the scene view.
  • Spatial Sound support.
  • You can launch Cacher Server function.
  • Cubemap arrays are available.
  • Added support for linear color space on Android and iOS.
  • Added the new LookDev editor window.
  • Added support for BC4,BC5,BC6,BC7 compressed texture formats, and RGBAHalf format.
  • Trails, Lights, and Noise module have been added.
  • Added new CapsuleColider2D.
  • Various animation fixes.
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License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 29.04.2023
Version: 2022.2.17
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