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XnView Extended is a comprehensive image viewer that provides converting and editing toolset. It’s the freeware and works with lots of multimedia extensions. It supports officially more than 500 image formats. So, the utility can be used as a media viewer, file browser or converter. Besides, the software hasn’t adware modules.

The program interface is similar to Windows explorer. You can customize it using View and Tools tab. The screen is divided into two parts. The left column is your folder tree. And the right part is a thumbnail window.  There is also top menu panel where you can find Search, Capture, Convert, Slide show, Options, Print, and other buttons. There are seven tabs below a thumbnail gallery. They allow users to preview a picture, show its properties and histogram. If you want to enter the viewer’s mode, just double-click on the selected image. It has its own navigation and special tools as Crop, Undo, Scan, and others. They will be helpful for quick editing. You can always use main tabs to get additional options as text adding, color correction, and resizing. Image tab allows you to apply visual effects and various filters that can enhance your photos.

The program is free only for private or educational use. If you want to implement it in a commercial activity, you should purchase a licensed version.

If you want to change the language, open Tools tab and select Interface option. There you will find the language section.

The Extended version includes the language pack, the full set of plugins and filters. There are also additional extra modules as NConvert and ShellEx. That’s the main difference from the Standard one.

XnView Extended is a good solution for those users who want to get a simple image viewer that combines editing options. Besides, the program offers a lot of supplementary functions.

Key features and functions

  • A convenient and simple interface.
  • The program supports more than 500 image extensions.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • A variety of editing tools.

What's new?

2.39 (21.11.2016)
  • No IPTC fields in tooltip/info.
  • Thumbnail for blend file.
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Size: 20.5 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
Updated: 24.01.2023
Version: 2.51.2 + Portable
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