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Stable version
Download Paint.NET 4.3.4 [32-bit] from our website
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55.01 Mb
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paint.net.4.3.4.install.x86.zip | soft.mydiv.org
MD5: 875c964816c32f787ca2842b2b0c6b60
SHA256: 7f65a65d8a9e35b2ef66ae01d51cfc36a5c41457c9eba92d3f798aeb34e70708
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Download Paint.NET 4.3.4 [64-bit] from our website
61.25 Mb
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paint.net.4.3.4.install.x64.zip | soft.mydiv.org
MD5: 755dcac15cf9c07da6446f3654cd0ea9
SHA256: fed5f9495fc8417a5aa3a532cdbf438f6edfdc2ea54969fbd1f01b0cefed27b1
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The old version
It doesn't require Windows 7 Service Pack 1.
Download Paint.NET 3.5.11 from our website
3.59 Mb
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Paint.NET.3.5.11.Install.exe | soft.mydiv.org
MD5: 3d45ce835587ea768a7f92aab44ee9a1
SHA256: a7b5a19694318ee40aa2544f544ded7e52487e917063ed5e7971d806616ae802
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