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How to view images in multiple windows of FastStone Image Viewer?

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MyDiv_FAQ (2513) 27.12.2017, 21:09
Unfortunately, the standard version of the app doesn't support multiple windows mode. However, you are able to use dual instances and run two image viewers at the same time with ease. The modern versions of Faststone Image Viewer allow you to drag and drop images between viewers, and compare pictures from various folders side by side.
Guest#199779 14.12.2018, 06:09
Stupidest answer ever !!
Guest#202616 20.02.2019, 20:03
Stupidest answer ever !!

Actually, this is the information I was looking for. Not a stupid answer at all.
Response to a message from Guest #199779      
-ceej#216628 14.07.2020, 23:59
Not stupid, but certainly not as helpful as it could have been.
First he says the app does not support multiple windows.
But then he says 'run multiple instances'.
I know what that means, but it would have been more useful if he could have described how to do it.
Guest#218459 22.10.2020, 10:42
Stupidest answer ever !!
Not stupid. Seems like FastStone 6.4 doesn't support multiple instances.
Response to a message from Guest #199779      
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