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Could not enable some protection components

How do I fix the error related to protection components of the antivirus?

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MyDiv_FAQ (2006) 26.01.2018, 01:02
To fix this issue, you should re-install your Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Before you start, please, download the installation file from Files section and save the activation code to a file.

Then exit Kaspersky Anti-Virus and uninstall the software using standard Windows tools for this sake as StartControl Panel (Windows 7) / All apps (Windows 8) / Programs and Features (Windows 10) → Uninstall a program → choose Kaspersky Antivirus and click on Uninstall / Change.

Restart your system.

Launch the installation file that you have and follow the steps of the installation Wizard. After that, you have to activate your product.

If it doesn't help, then you should submit a request on My Kaspersky and describe the problem and difficulties that you have encountered.
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