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How to delete error x in thumdnails?

I pasted to long a file name for a image and got a blank image with a red X that I cannot delete or rename.
22.08.2018 01:08

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Robert Droke#195278
22.08.2018 17:24
Cannot be done.
20.09.2019 16:43
Since 2012 I have searched the forums for an answer to a common problem without success, most people who save images have have had this prob, yet there does not seem to be a definitive answer.

The problem revolves around the corruption of .jpg’s where an images are saved as a .jpg’s which the owner might open and close many times then suddenly the image may change to a blank square with a Red X in the middle and when clicked upon the image opens as a black screen with the words, for example > IMG 0057.JPG (Unknown Format 2.453Kb)

I would argue that the image is still there so why would the PC or the image viewer not be able to find an image listed as a .jpg which its been opened and closed by the image viewing program for some time?

Sometimes a corrupt image can also show as an image with a Grey patch with some of the image clearly showing above, or an image of twisted colours where the pixels have been mixed or stretched.

That is the problem, and answers have been varied from a duff HDD which in my case is not correct as I have checked and re checked, installed two new ones and the problem persists. Memory, well it can have an effect if the memory is damaged but again in my case the memory is fine, Graphic card, yes but the card opens most jpg’s and runs the pc graphics without fault.
Image viewer, well most people have their favourite viewer (mine is FastStone free)and they keep it up to date, maybe a techie from an image viewer maker would have an idea? but as far as I am aware nothing technical has ever been published on any corruption problems, and they won’t tell a user anything if you are using the free version of their product.
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