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I've rearranged the order of over 500 pics in a folder in FastStone and don't want to lose the order I've arranged them in. How do I keep new order?

I have windows 8.1 and is exasperating because does not allow me to click and drag pictures and arrange them in order i want them in. i'm working on very large project over several weeks and have so far today organized around 500 pics in chronological order in a folder in Faststone. Will simply clicking on the save icon retain the new order i've arranged them in? it seems that the folder that i thought i saved last night in correct order reverted back to the preset windows order. please help because i'm getting ready to shut computer off and am afraid of losing all the work that i've accomplished today. thank you.
04.12.2018 01:51

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09.09.2020 05:54
I've been doing a little of that to organize gallery pictures more to my taste. I think while you're working on it you can even go to another folder and when you come back they'll still be in the order you placed them in.

But if you shut things down the images will revert to their normal order.

What I do - though I don't do 500 images at once - is to rename the files after I've got them where I want them - that is, number them up front of the filename now that they are sitting there like I want them, *before* closing down.

(Answer to 2 year old question...)
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