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VSCO Cam is a simple graphics editor that provides a wide variety of filters and tools for photo retouching. It can easily capture images from Android camera and edit them at once. The main feature of the app is comparing mechanism. You can compare original and edited pictures to evaluate a difficulty level of made efforts. Also, you can share your photos on Facebook and view pictures created by other people.

The app has an easy-in-use interface designed for mobile devices. After launching, you should create an account and choose your picture that you want to edit. Then you will be able to use filters and open the editing panel. The last one provides a lot of interesting options as crop, color adjustment, straighten, sharpen, exposure, contrast, highlights, saturation, temperature, and shadows. They are main functions of the app. Also, you can switch to the tab with VSCO logo to apply various filters.

Despite the program is absolutely free, it contains in-app purchases. For example, some beautiful effects are available only in the store. Some of them are free but other ones are paid. If you want to get extra features and additional content, you should spend real money on digital items. Also, you should know that can’t edit pictures that were added to internal social media of VSCO. You can only view them and share with friends.

VSCO Cam is a perfect application for those who users like to edit their photos quickly. If you are looking for a comprehensive graphics editor that allows retouching your photo by few taps, then this app is what you need.

Key features and functions

  • Discover a huge collection of filters and presets.
  • Share your edited images on Facebook and Instagram.
  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Adjust colors and add geotags for your photos.
  • Shoot and edit your picture by few taps.

What's new?

13 (25.11.2016)
  • Discounts on in-app purchases.
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Size: 21.7 MB
License: Freeware (In-app purchases) (Free)
Updated: 25.11.2016
Version: 4.0.4
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