Version History and program changes

4.5.0 (16.10.2016)
  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes.
4.4.1 (20.08.2016)
  • Added Transform tool.
  • You can adjust the crop or add white borders to your pictures before sharing on Instagram.
  • Added 3D Touch support for posts in Explore and Profile.
  • Effects intensity issue was fixed.
4.4.0 (29.06.2016)
  • Added Transform tool to skew and straight your photos.
  • You can add white borders and adjust the crop to your photo before sharing to Instagram.
  • Added support for 3D Touch in Profile and Explore.
4.1.1 (12.04.2016)
  • Lighting and Color have been consolidated into Adjust.
  • Added Exposure and Vibrance slider.
  • Added tips for tools.
  • Added version history, legal notices, and tutorial library.
  • Improved effectiveness for Blemish.
  • Various bug fixes.