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Pou 1.4.77

Version for iOS.
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Systems: iOS
iOS 5.x
iOS 6.x
iOS 7.x
Size: 43.1 MB
Langs English   else
License Commercial Ware (Paid) 1.79
Updated: 2018-06-12

General information about the program

Pou is the alien pet who lives in your mobile device. It has a small house, where you’ll be take care of him. So, it’s a kind of simulator app. There are many mini games and tasks in it. You can find this app not only for iOS, but also for Android platform.

Pou has 4 main indicators: energy, food, fun and health. You need to watch over these characteristics. Use different items to make Pou happy. Outfits, food, balls, lamps, pillows and other things are able for gold which you can earn playing in different types of mini games in Games Room location. There are Connect, Sky Jump, Sudoku, Color Match, Tic Tac Pou, Food Swap and others. If Pou is sad, you should play one of 32 mini games. Or you can throw the ball. At the start, you’ll get 5000 coins. If Pou is hungry, you should go to kitchen, buy food and feed your pet. Potions will help you to restore energy of Pou.

Pou is growing up with each level and getting new locked items and achievements. You can snapshot his progress at different stages and share these pictures with your friends. If you get bored with basic outfit, just check the shop. There is Pou section, where you can find interesting things.

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