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Freeware graphics editing tools are becoming more popular than paid editors. Some users say that there are no alternatives to Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw suite. And it’s correct if we talk about complex and extra powerful editors. But it’s not true if we are looking a qualitative solution for home usage. Nowadays there are a lot of open source projects. You can easily find free raster and vector editors.

Many free graphics editors have a simple and compact interface. It simplifies a learning process. You don’t need to waste hours to reduce the red-eye effect or apply a filter. However, there are lots of tutorials that will help you to learn more about features and special options of these tools. Besides, some editors have large communities. Users create plugins to replicate useful functions of popular editors as Photoshop. That fact makes free editors universal and versatile tools. You don’t need to spend the money on expensive software if you are not a professional designer. If you want to execute a simple operation, you can always download a convenient graphics tool from our website.

This set will help you to get the most useful graphics editors that distributed for free. We recommend you to pay attention to GIMP and Inkscape. These editors have got many software awards. They are evolving projects that obtained recognition among amateur and professional designers.

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