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RoboForm 8.2.2

Version for Windows.
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Systems: Windows
Windows XP
Windows Vista
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Windows 10
Size: 20.3 MB
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License Shareware (Free)
Updated: 2016-12-15

General information about the program

RoboForm is the advanced utility that fills various forms and helps you manage your passwords. It is simple, provides lots of configuration parameters, and supports AES encryption. You can install this software into popular web browsers, as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The program will simplify form-filling and automatically input data (username, login, password, etc) in appropriate forms.

To launch the utility, you should open your browser and activate the RoboForm extension. Then choose the Setup option from the operational list of the add-on and get started with main preferences. Once you fill a pass form, data will be stored. You can find it in the Logins tab. Each value has a user login, password, and domain there. Also, you can open the Identities tab and complete long registration to use these values for automatic form-filling process. It is easy-in-use because you can fill web site forms by a few clicks. All your passwords will be protected by the master password that you have to remember.

The standard version of the program is absolutely free. However, you can unlock extra functions by purchasing the paid edition of the app.

Some people can say that RoboForm is just the browser extension that fills password-forms. Actually, it is the powerful and reliable tool that provides agile methods of storing important data on your PC. Also, you can get access to your passwords from other devices and computers using RoboForm Everywhere feature. If you have to surf lots of web resources and register multiple accounts, then this utility will be really helpful for your needs.

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