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Updated: 2018-10-29

General information about the program

iTools is the mobile manager for iOS devices. You can install and manage apps, music, photos, video and other files on the phone. It would help to transfer all types of content from PC to your device or from phone to PC without using iTunes. You can easily drag and drop your favorite music files in the memory of mobile phone or SD-card. Just connect your device to see all categories, where you will be working with it.

The main feature of the utility is restoring function. You can back up any app or game on your device. It’s very useful to have a copy of important data (contacts, progress in games, video), especially, when you need to reboot your device. Of course, you can also uninstall mobile programs or transfer apps, which were downloaded from the Internet. If you want to play ringtones for more than 30 seconds, you should make it in your PC via integrated instrument in Tools tab, and then transfer them to your iPhone/iPad. They will be converted automatically.

Some functions of iTunes were inherited by iTools. There are playlists and AppStore, where you’ll find new applications for downloading. You can also transfer all data from your phone to another one.

Latest comments
Clyfinger wrote:
02.09.2014, 16:43
Is it compatible with iOS 7?
brainEN wrote:
02.09.2014, 16:35
Agree. There are some interesting functions, that is not available in origanl iTunes. So I recommend this!
HeavenSeeker wrote:
02.09.2014, 16:18
Don't think, that is real alternative for iTunes. But there are some reasons to instal this app.


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