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It seems Bluestacks app player couldn`t be installed on this computer

When I am trying to install the application, it shows the following error message: Hmm... It seems Bluestacks app player couldn`t be installed on this computer. How to fix this issue?
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MyDiv_FAQ (999) 18.12.2017, 02:50
There are several ways how you can resolve this error problem when installing BlueStacks.

1) You should install a new graphics video driver for your video card.

2) Download the BlueStacks setup file and right-click on it → Properties → switch to Compatibility tab → select Run this program in compatibility mode for checkbox → click on Apply button → switch to Digital Signatures tab → click on Details button → choose View CertificateInstall Certificate → choose Current User and click on Next button → mark on Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of the certificate and click on NextFinishApplyOK → install BlueStacks.

3) You need to install Orca by clicking on the green-lighted button. Then check this video tutorial:

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